5 Most Demanded Jobs in the near Future

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Since time immemorial, people have always had to work so as to have a source of income and a sense of belonging in a particular community. Have you ever tried imagining how life would be if every single person under the sun was filthy rich? How jobs and having to look for work would be meaningless?

Well that’s just a mere imagination. In the world we live in, effort plus brains gives you the output of absolute success depending on the time frame and depth of your commission to what you do.

There are many things that come to your mind when the word job is mentioned. Maybe you think of how stressful your work environment is, how your boss keeps pressuring you, how some of your colleagues treat you kindly and others despise you, while some may think how good and perfect their job experience has been.

If you want to have the best work experience, learn to speculate on the future potential jobs. Target something that you know you have the urge and passion to try out. Through future projections on the potential jobs over the years, below is a selected list of 5 of the best future jobs you wouldn’t want to miss out. Read ahead!

5. Surgeons/ Nurses

With the medical field being so broad and having a lot of places to specialize, the best suitable to specialize in currently is the surgeon/physician, or practicing as a nurse. Braced with the knowledge and prowess in performing operations for more than six hours, these are some of the most speculated and futuristic jobs we have on the market. But why this and not a field with some job security?

With an annual growth rate of over 30.5%, and an expected increase of 27% in the next ten years, these are some of the posts most hospitals will be dying to pay you for. With the endurance of completing a master’s degree, you will be able to get a lump some pay, since experienced nurses get up to $98,000 annually, while surgeons get paid a little more than $187,000. This was according to last year’s review. What about 10 years to come?

4. Computer systems analysts

With no need of explaining more, technology in itself has its core and entire backbone rooted to a computer. Seeing how fast the computers have evolved and how users have surfaced with handy gadgets and computer accessories, this is without doubt one of the best jobs that has been envisioned.

New computer systems are being developed day in day out everywhere in the world. But are there enough people to watch over the systems and maintain them when they get errors? If you are young and wise enough, get equipped with anything that is to know about concerning computer systems, and develop skills through focus and hard work. A few years from now, you won’t need to introduce yourself to people. Picture the vast number of multi million and multibillion companies out there with so many computer systems running day and night. With a minimum salary of $83,000, I’d say it’s worth your effort!

3. Software application developers

Still in line with the computer and tech world, the software application developers perform the basic task of developing user friendly applications and programs. If you don’t get the depth and broadness of this job, think about all the applications on the Apple store, play store, Microsoft store, not forgetting the numerous programs and applications that run on out personal computers.

With an application to perform almost every task that you could ever think of, the number of effective people required in this field in the future is just countless. More assumptions and innovative ideas on how to manipulate gadgets and computers to emulate human behavior to a level of being flawless have been discussed all over the planet and all that is required is for many software application developers to emerge and get to work! With a pay of $96,000 per year, it is among the top notch futuristic jobs.

2. General and Operations managers

Another one on our descriptive list of the best jobs of the future is the post of general and operations manager. Planning, coordinating, and directing the many operations of an organization seems like an easy task at first. But when you focus on the details and the number of people you need to handle every day, it sure isn’t an easy job. I am not trying to scare you if ever have hopes of becoming a general and operations manager.

Actually, if you know you have the gift or the skill of handling different kinds of people, and being timely when it comes to the completion of tasks, then you should pursue this. Today’s world is about organizations competing to lead in the market. What about in the next few years? The job will simply be close to a Hollywood dream. Currently, the medium earning per year is at $98,000

1. Information security analyst

With the emergence of cyber insecurity for the past few decades, the world is on the brink of being transformed fully into a place where the use of tech gadgets to do almost everything will be the way of life. How safe or unsafe will this be? People transferring money everywhere electronically in a rate that cannot even be presumed right now and expecting their money to be completely safe.

Hacking will be the order of the day if security systems are not maintained and well configured. Therefor it is important to take this as an eye opener, and realize that an information security analyst may just be the best futuristic job. If you are working to achieve this in the near future, then work harder, because the pay is going to be sky-rocketing.

The merging of five different jobs, all from different fields in order to create a list of the best jobs of the future clearly shows something. Everybody has the chance to venture into various paths that seem futuristic, and become the best they could ever be in the much awaited future!