5 Most Famous Diamonds in History of Mankind

2. The Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond (not the Diamond Jubilee!) is the largest faceted diamond in the world weighing 545.67ct. This yellow-brown diamond was cut by Sir Gabi Tolkowsky, whom we mentioned in our previous post-Diamond Cut: The Human Factor. Gabi had been hired by DeBeers to cut the famous Centenary Diamond (a 273.85 D-Flawless diamond), however, the tools required to cut a stone this size had never been conceived. Thus, Gabi took what everyone thought as a big ugly brown diamond rough in order to practice and develop the necessary tools to cut the Centenary Diamond. After two years working in a vibration proof bunker, Gabi has emerged with the now famous Golden Jubilee Diamond, along with all the tools he now needed to cut the Centenary Diamond. The diamond is currently owned by the King of Thailand. It’s apparently valued at $4-12 million.