6 Proposed Huge Buildings That Were Never Built

Palace Of The Soviets

Palace of the Soviets` design

The Soviet Union of the heydays was in the same league as Nazi Germany when it came to building monumental architecturally famous projects. The Palace of the Soviets was supposed to be one such massive structure. It was planned to be a congress hall and it was supposed to come up in Moscow, not very far away from the Kremlin. The final structure was supposed to around 1,362 feet high or 415 meters. It was to be crowned on the top by a monumental statue of Vladimir Lenin and the height of the statue was planned to be 260 feet or 80 meters high. The entire monolithic structure was supposed to be built in a total area of 11 hectares. The Palace would have weight 1.5 million tons. The main hall would have the capacity to seat 21,000 people and would have been around 525 feet in diameter. The statue of Lenin would have weighed around 6,000 and was supposed to have been made with bronze. The building was also supposed to have a library inside.

1931 saw the Cathedral of Christ the Savior being demolished. This was a symbol of old Russia and it was demolished to make way for the Palace. The foundations were laid in 1937 and the steel frame construction begun. However, the Hitler’s invasion of Russia, shortage of material and manpower stopped the construction for many years. The steel frame was opened apart and was used to fortify bridges and other structures.

Once the war was over the project was put in cold storage. The foundations made way for the world’s largest open air swimming pool, named Moskva Pool. The year 1995 was the pool being destroyed and a full scale replica of the destroyed Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built in its place.

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