7 Healthiest Cuisines in the World

2. Japanese Cuisine

A Japanese meal including tempura, sashimi, and miso soup.
Photo: cyclonebill

Traditional Japanese food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, primarily because of the way it is prepared. Traditional Japanese food is stir-fried or lightly steamed and includes healthy ingredients such as tofu, edamame, cabbage, green onion, eggplant, fish, and meat.

Staples of Japanese cuisine are also perfect for the digestive system. For example, seaweed is a terrific source of iodine which is good for the thyroid, and shitake mushrooms which are an excellent source of potassium, iron, and zinc. The Japanese also eat in small portions, and they drink lots of green tea which helps them avoid unhealthy processed drinks. Healthy Japanese dishes include Miso soup, a mixture of seaweed and tofu; and stir fried mixed veggies.