The Story of Pink Floyd Concert In Venice, 1989

Pink Floyd Concert In Venice, 1989 Rock music, from the time of its birth, has been taken as a key revolutionary aspect and also a driving force to social development. Despite this, Pink Floyd’s concert that took place in Venice, Italy on July the 15th 1989, unexpectedly resulted to the resigning of the city’s mayor

Maurice Tillet, the “French Angel”

Maurice Marie Joseph Tillet, better known as the “French Angel”, was a Russian born, professional wrestler. He was born on October 23, 1903 to French parents. His father was a railroad engineer and his mother a teacher of languages. Tillet’s father died when he was about seven or eight years old. Maurice Tillet was born

Why Are There Only 28 Days in February?

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one, Except for February alone, Which has but twenty-eight days clear, And twenty-nine in each leap year. Well, that says the Old Mother Goose’s rhyme. There’s always a mystery on how the calendar transformed into what it looks like toady; especially the month

February, 1st, 2003 Columbia Disaster

February, 1st marks the day when 14 years ago, Space Shuttle Columbia exploded returning from the space mission and entering Earth’s atmosphere. All seven astronauts died, and it is considered one of the most serious accidents in the history of space exploration, similar to the Challenger tragedy from 1986. Although the Columbia accident occurred in