The First Underwater Museum, Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Spain

The first underwater museum has opened in EuropeThanks to the Jason DeCaires Taylor, a renowned British artist, you would now be able to enjoy swimming among the fishes and be in the presence of more than 300 speculating art sculptures. Named as one of the top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic, “MUSEO

Miyake-Jima, Japanese Gas Mask Island

There is an island in Japan where people are required to wear gas masks all the time. Miyake-Jima is a volcanic island which is in South of Tokyo Japan at Izu archipelago in the Philippine Sea. The island extends about 180 kilometers to the south of Honshu, Japan. This island is part of Izu Island

The Cave of Crystals in Naica, Mexico

There are so many amazing wonders that occur naturally in our world. Breathtaking rock formations, mind blowing bodies of water, elusive and ancient outcroppings of civilizations. We are a very lucky to sometimes be able to roam among them and get a small glimpse of the powerful force of nature. Once of these incredible things

Lake Baikal, the Deepest and Oldest Lake on Earth

Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, Russia is the deepest and oldest lake on Earth -it was formed about 20-25 million years ago- but there’s more about the Baikal that will leave you speechless. Here are some facts about this amazing place: 1) Lake Baikal is not just the deepest lake in the world (with a

MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper: The Tallest Building of Thailand

Have you ever visited Bangkok? Do you love architecture? Would you like to explore one of the new tallest buildings of the world with beautiful architectural works? If yes, then you have a reason to visit Bangkok and to explore the tallest building in the Thailand. This building known as the MahaNakhon is designed by