February, 2. Groundhog Day: The most exceptional day in history

February, 2. Groundhog Day: The most exceptional day in history

Bill Murrey in Groundhog Day movie.
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A groundhog is a type of rodent that is also called a woodchuck or a whistle pig. How interesting it is to know that a day is named on honor of such animal. At first when you hear it, you might think that groundhog celebrates their birthday on that day. However, how can all of them have the same birthday, right? It is because of the ability of this little animal to forecast the weather. Wow! It made the idea even more fascinating.

February 2 marks the most anticipated weather forecast of the year. And, the groundhog has its unique way of knowing if it is the end of winter solstice or the start of spring equinox. Every year, thousands of excited individuals gather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania at the Gobbler’s Knob to witness the weather prediction given by no other than the famous groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil. It is believed that animals like Phil hibernates during winter and peeps out after to check if the weather will already get warmer. Once Phil sees his shadow on Groundhog Day it means that there will be another six weeks of winter. But if he can’t see his shadow, then warmer days are ahead. Yes, the start of the spring season.

Early Americans said that the history of Groundhog started when the ancient people celebrated the middle point of winter and spring. The day in between two season which was also confirmed by astronomical studies was the second day of February.

Since this is practiced in America year after year, it has become a widespread in the world as well. Canada also has their trusted groundhog named Wiarton Willie, New York City has their very own Pothole Pit as well. Among all these groundhogs, Phil remains to be the most famous.

Nowadays, Punxsutawney Phil is situated in the Punxsutawney library with a habitat that is climate-controlled to care enough for this special animal. He gained a lot of fame when he starred in the 1993 film “Groundhog Day”. The movie is about a man who sees himself live in the exact same day over and over again. No other people knew what was happening and he was the only one who is aware that there’s no tomorrow. He finally understood that he will continue to live the same day if he won’t earn from it and live it rightly. Then, he met Phil and they studied if the latter will see his shadow. Pretty much a great movie about the Groundhog Day

It is amazing to realize that we have such animals that are great gifts from nature. Aside from the usual national weather forecast that we can rely on, when it comes to knowing the end of a cold temperature and the start of the warmer weather, we have our groundhog to check on. As much as we are happy about their ability to know about this, I am pretty sure they are also delighted to be of help and amuse the people they can now all their friends.