MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper: The Tallest Building of Thailand

The building as of July 2016
Photo: Kyle Hasegawa

Have you ever visited Bangkok? Do you love architecture? Would you like to explore one of the new tallest buildings of the world with beautiful architectural works? If yes, then you have a reason to visit Bangkok and to explore the tallest building in the Thailand. This building known as the MahaNakhon is designed by world famous architect Buro Ole Scheeren. MahaNakhon is designed by same team who was involved in the Olympic stadium of Beijing, The Birds Nest’. MahaNakhon is strategically located in the capital’s Silom central business area and becomes the center of the attraction for the innovative architecture. It looks brilliant and spectacular.

MahaNakhon is 314 meters (1,030 feet) tall and it is higher than the Eiffel Tower. MahaNakhon is not the tallest building in the Bangkok only; it is the tallest building in the Thailand as well. The building has seventy seven floors. It is a mix-use skyscraper that has bars, house apartments, restaurants, retail space, and an observation deck. It is a worth visiting place for anyone who likes to explore the striking architecture and the creativeness of such a huge building.

Do you want to know more about the MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper? Do you want to know what it is and why it is popular as one of the best buildings in the globe and the tallest building of the Thailand? If yes, then you can go through the following article. In this article, you will come to know about the architecture and some other interesting facts about the MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper.

MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper

MahaNakhon makes Thailand the most visiting city of Asia. The seventy seven floor building is just ten meters taller than the Bayoke tower. It will work as the multi-purpose building. It has everything to entertain and satisfy the visitor. In this building, you will get shopping malls, best restaurants, luxury apartments, office space, and Bangkok’s 1st Ritz-Carlton Hotel. You will get a bar, multi level restaurant on 3rd floor. The outdoor terrace with stunning 360 degree views towering the capital.


It is very well placed in Sathorn, the center place of the capital. The place is surrounded by many financial institutions and world class hotels. Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station is only a few steps away from the MahaNakhon. It is also planned to get a direct walkway of the station into the tallest building.

Next door to the building, you will get an additional dining and shopping area called as MahaNakhorn Cube and a garden area occupying a space in between. In this garden area, you can expect frequent cultural events and some greenery that will enhance the look of the Sathorn. You will find many hotels with world class facilities in this area. Some of the names that have started getting appreciations are Dean & Deluca bistro, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and VOGUE Lounge. Many new restaurants and hotels are expected to open shortly. You might see many more additions in the years to come.

More about MahaNakhon Bangkok skyscraper

MahaNakhon celebrated its official opening on August 29 with a grand ceremony in downtown Bangkok and got the distinct record of being the tallest building in Thailand. Even before the completion, it had received much appreciation for the ultra modern look. The architect of this building, ole Scheeren, was so much positive about the building. While the building work in progress, he said in an interview, it is vision tower and whenever you will look at it, you will find it unfinished and incomplete.


The building is designed and shaped as the three building program. One is the 314m tower, the second one is the smaller retail building that will be located at the front of the site, and the third one will the automated parking tower positioned towards the back. The tower will be made with a distinctive sculptural appearance while taking advantage of the tropical views and climates. The three dimensional stretch of architectural pixels cut the fascia of the tower to expose the inner side, creating some unique features of the building such as sky boxes, oversized terrace, projecting out from the main building.

The main structure of the building is wrapped with a series of mega features interconnected at several transfer floors. The thirty percent of the tower floor plates are in the cantilever. The tallest building has constructed successfully with 129 piles drilled to the depth of sixty five meters capped and 8.75-meter thick foundation to balance the Bangkok’s soft soil.

The building did not take many years for the construction. It started in 2011 and worked fast with the steady delivery of the materials to finish it within the limited time period. The seismic designed used CTBUT suggestions and the original form has been tested with thirty six direction of wind load at the time of the wind tunnel testing. It took almost five years for the completion of the project. It started in 2011 and completed in 2016. The official opening of the MahaNakhon celebrated in August 2016.

MahaNakhon is not the tallest building of the Thailand only; it has much more things to explore. Its architecture and innovation have made it a popular tourist place within such a short period. It is known as the Great Metropolis’ by the Thai people. It integrates the city and makes a unique gesture by standing a symbol of the unity between the soil and sky. It is not designed for the population of the Bangkok only; it is designed with a broader perspective, to become the center of the attraction for the people across the globe. It has everything to entertain the people. You will get hotels, restaurants, greeneries, open space, and cultural events for the enjoyment.

As said by the architect, Scheeren, it is a testament to strength. While designing the building, he has focused on different aspects of the city that includes the noise, the traffic, and spaces of the color to make a unique combination of all these small things to build the tallest building in the Thailand. It makes a good combination of the Thailand culture and urban life. While being in the MahaNakhon, you can experience the both.