Top 10 Most Unusual Festivals in the World

You might be familiar of a number of holidays usually celebrated all of the world like New Year, Christmas, Easter and Halloween etc. But there are also certain less heard unusual holidays and festivals celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and zeal. Though it is not easy to list out top unusual holidays in the world still a meagre attempt has been made to give you brief information about some of them.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand:

Monkey Buffet Festival
Photo: hdwallpaperspulse

This holiday is celebrated in Thailand as a festival to show gratitude to the lesser known relatives of humans among animals. According to a legend the Lopburi province of Thailand was gifted by lord Rama, the great hero, to the king of monkeys, Hanuman. The locals of this province gather about 6,500 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits on the last Sunday of November every year to invite nearly 600 monkeys of this region to eat them to please the spirit of the great Hanuman.